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Pre-order your carbon credit

UN-DO is an upcoming project which offers a pre-order on their future carbon credits. Please be aware that these credits haven't been verified yet. Once verified, your pre-order will be processed and the carbon credits will be delivered to your account.


Current carbon unit price $200.00/tCO2e



● UK-based carbon removal scale-up
● Scaling enhanced rock weathering (ERW)
● UK, US & Australia-based operations
● Part of Stripe Climate portfolio
● Leading Science & Research team
● Target to remove 1bn. tonnes by 2030

How we approach measurement

There are several handles to show that weathering has taken place:
● Products of weathering (Ca, Mg, Na, K and increase in pH).
● Fate of the CO2 sequestered through the reaction of carbonic acid and hydroxide ions released during the weathering process.
● Co-benefits, such as yield

To date, no single method has proven accurate in quantifying the amount of CO2 sequestered, but are rather indications that weathering is taking place. Hence the need for model predictions and improvement of these through data gathered in the field.

Our approach to date has been to deploy all existing MRV approaches in our field and mesocosm trials combined with innovation for new techniques

Undo Field mesocosms

Field-adjacent soil mesocosms incorporate the complexity of field conditions, with the added ability to take a wider range of measurements on a higher frequency. They also allow for a more controlled basalt application for ground truthing of the model. This approach is well documented to measure an enhanced weathering signal in a closed system, see documentation for more information


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