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Current biodiversity unit price $5.00/ha


Savimbo is a company created by, and for, indigenous smallfarmers in the Colombian Amazon.

Our aim is to employ 1 billion smallfarmers within 10 years to clean the world’s air.

Credit Stock

Our current stock of 94k credits is from a 74,200 ha collective of >300 Indigenous smallfarmers and 4 Indigenous groups in the Tropical Andean biodiversity hotspot. Observations of indicators species are tracked and pre-validated in iNaturalist for >1 year and all smallfarmers have a 30-year conservation contract for 50% shared revenue from sales. 
We have >12 Indigenous groups in 9 countries in our pipeline in either biodiversity hotspots or IUCN-threatened ecosystems and anticipate providing 178M credits to the global conservation market in the next 5 years. We anticipate certification of our biodiversity credits in July 2024.

What is a biodiversity credit?

One hectare of biodiversity hotspot protected for two months by a local smallfarmer or indigenous group.

How do you track impact?

Using an indicator species biodiversity methodology written by, and for, indigenous groups and translated to markets using applied chaos theory.

How much biodiversity revenue goes to locals?

We’re glad you asked because this is important to us too. The answer is 50% of biodiversity revenue goes to originating landowner. For Savimbo’s portion, ⅔ of the Savimbo’s founders are local indigenous leaders, 7% of the company is owned by successful growers, and 7% is owned by staff of which >50% is local experts.

Introduction to the biodiversity credit methodology
The Savimbo Indicator Species Biodiversity Methodology (ISBM) provides a simplified framework that protects resilient ecosystems. Central to the methodology is direct payment to indigenous people and local communities (IPLC), who are the on-the-ground land guardians.

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