Omarchevo Farm

Omarchevo, Sliven, BG

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Current carbon unit price $30.00/tCO2e


The farm is situated near the village of Omarchevo, near Nova Zagora in Bulgaria. In Tihomir’s own words:

“My farm has been owned by my family for 3 generations. Over the years, it’s been used to produce various types of crops."

“My great-grandparents used to grow vegetables, such as potatoes, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and onions, for their own use. They would always fertilise with manure and never used any pesticide. Permaculture has always been part of how we farm. "

Today, the farm produces wheat, sunflowers, rapeseed and barley - and, occasionally, other crops that don’t require watering. They rely on the rain for natural irrigation and use a minimal amount of chemical fertiliser and pesticides to ensure better protection for both seeds and soil.


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