Coquerel Vineyard

Grandparigny, Normandie, FR

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Current carbon unit price $76.00/tCO2e


Domaine Coquerel is a family-owned distillery in Normandy, France that’s been producing Calvados since 1937. Today they produce world famous alcohol brands including Calvados Coquerel, the planet positive brand Avallen, and their own Normindia gin.

The distillery owns 2.54 hectares of traditional apple orchards consisting of just over 400 trees that are protected under the strict rules of the Calvados AOC. These rules prevent artificial irrigation, protect strong biodiversity within the orchards (particularly the Osmia Cornuta bee), mandate multiple species of apples in a single orchard, and limit intensive practices such as grass cutting.

In addition to this they don’t use fertilisers or pesticides in their orchards. Each orchard is surrounded by hedgerows that are teeming with life.

The owners believe the traditional orchards of Normandy have a vital role to play in the future of the drinks industry as climate positive, biodiverse, water frugal, and pesticide free agroforestry producing delicious raw materials for the drinks we enjoy around the world.


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