Briyastovo Wheat Farm

Nova Zagora, Sliven Province, BG

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Current carbon unit price $25.00/tCO2e


The farm is situated in the outskirts of the village Briyastovo, near Nova Zagora in Bulgaria.

Ivan and Neli have been farming all of their lives. Both of them come from farming families and when they got married, they united the family farms and kept working on them.

The farm is slightly outside of the village of Briyastovo, where they live, but they attend to it like their own child.

They usually grow wheat, barley, sunflowers and rapeseed, due to the nature of the soil and compatibility with the area’s common farming practices. In the seasons when they sow spring wheat, they’ll follow this with a different crop so they don’t exhaust the soil. In addition, the crop rotation helps with the natural fight against bugs and other field animals that eat the seeds and impact the quality of the produce. 

Each year, 5% of the land is rotated and not farmed, which allows the soil to rest and “take a breath”.

When it comes to irrigation, as with many Buglarian farmer, they rely on the rain, but luckily right next door is a natural irrigation canal coming from the nearby lake, so they use that when and if needed.

Fertilisation happens only with biofertilisers, the amount of which is precisely calculated. There is a precise calculation as to how much fertiliser is needed per kilogram.


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